November 04, 2011

The Difference One Letter Makes

On Monday, a friend from our ward came over to help Kevin with the water leak. He asked us if we made it to church the day before, which we didn't. So he proceeded to tell us about the talk a Missionary President's wife gave because he said it was the one that affected him the greatest. He relayed the tale of her life and the challenges her family had faced. Then came the best part: her and her family made the decision to change one letter in the word got to make get.

So as they were faced with daily things they had to do, they changed it saying they get to do it instead.

What a wonderful lesson! He then told us he was so happy that he woke up that morning and thought to himself "I GET to go help Kevin."

It has been a topic that has stuck with me all week. I think about it every time I am doing something.

This week I thought:

"I get...

  • to go to school and further my education.
  • raise two little boys who are amazingly smart.
  • live in a house with running water and provides my family with shelter.
  • to live the rest of eternity with an amazing man.
  • to talk to my family and loved ones.
  • to cook for my family. (even if it makes a mess)
  • to complete work for school that exhibits the type of student/teacher I am/will be.
  • to have engaging conversations with my professors.
  • to make a difference :)."
I love the simplicity of changing the letter O to an E and creating a whole new perspective of my life. 

So, I challenge whoever reads this to make the change too. Instead of thinking you've got to do something, state to yourself you get to do it. It will change your life :)

be your own super hero 

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Caton said...

love love love this Jack! hope you are well!