August 20, 2012

1st Day of School

This year these two little guys started preschool at our local Head Start. They will be going Monday through Friday from 8 to 2:30. I think it will be a great experience for them to be in a learning environment with other children and to have their own personal time out of the house. Plus, I'm looking forward to spending some time alone with my little Evie. 

I though dropping them off at school would be a breeze ad that I would have no problem with it. However, I was the one who was gushing tears as we walked out of that building leaving our children in the hands of their teachers. Surly I thought Aiden would cry and not want to go, but nope he was fine playing in his classroom. Cooper, the adventurous child, I thought would have no problems and breeze into his classroom with ease. He proved me wrong as well. He didn't want to go and wanted to stay with me and Kevin. Eventually he found a small space between the two shelves he felt safe in and just stood there and watched the other kids play. I wanted to stay and hold his hand through out the whole day, but I knew it wouldn't help him to become independent and adapt to the classroom. So I left, with tears running down my face, a husband telling me it would be okay, and a week old newborn sleeping in her carseat. 

August 12, 2012

Evelyn Ruth Tutton

Baby Evie, as we call her around here, was born on August 10th, 2012 at 12:36pm.
She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 19 inches long.
She is the perfect little addition to our family.

The labor was easy, and recovery was a little rough because my epidural was super strong and took a couple of hours to wear off. We only spent one night in the hospital and came home the next day in the afternoon. Aiden and Cooper are so mesmerized by her and always want to know what she is saying whenever she cries. They love her so much already and I know they are going to be the best big brothers for her. This new chapter in our lives is only beginning, but I know it will be an adventurous one. 

May 24, 2012

365 Experiment

My friend Kara started a 365 group, where you take a picture a day. I have decided to hop on board in an attempt to better blog about our lives and become better at using our fancy camera. Pop on over and check it out :)

November 04, 2011

The Difference One Letter Makes

On Monday, a friend from our ward came over to help Kevin with the water leak. He asked us if we made it to church the day before, which we didn't. So he proceeded to tell us about the talk a Missionary President's wife gave because he said it was the one that affected him the greatest. He relayed the tale of her life and the challenges her family had faced. Then came the best part: her and her family made the decision to change one letter in the word got to make get.

So as they were faced with daily things they had to do, they changed it saying they get to do it instead.

What a wonderful lesson! He then told us he was so happy that he woke up that morning and thought to himself "I GET to go help Kevin."

It has been a topic that has stuck with me all week. I think about it every time I am doing something.

This week I thought:

"I get...

  • to go to school and further my education.
  • raise two little boys who are amazingly smart.
  • live in a house with running water and provides my family with shelter.
  • to live the rest of eternity with an amazing man.
  • to talk to my family and loved ones.
  • to cook for my family. (even if it makes a mess)
  • to complete work for school that exhibits the type of student/teacher I am/will be.
  • to have engaging conversations with my professors.
  • to make a difference :)."
I love the simplicity of changing the letter O to an E and creating a whole new perspective of my life. 

So, I challenge whoever reads this to make the change too. Instead of thinking you've got to do something, state to yourself you get to do it. It will change your life :)

be your own super hero 

October 31, 2011

Life Without Water

Last Wednesday our neighbor from two houses down came and told us their backyard was flooded and they had traced the trail of water back to our house. They even checked our meter for us to confirm their suspicion... we had a water leak. Our meter was spinning like crazy! So, the next day we called the utility company to come and check the line and turn the water off. I also missed school and contacted a couple of plumbers, our home insurance agency, and my brother-in-law who is a real plumber in Arizona.

Kevin dug and dug and dug out by the side of our house where our lawn was the most saturated and a small green spot had popped up. He was unsuccessful in finding a pipe or leak. The plumbers that came out looked at where we had dug and both confirmed there was a foundation leak. What is a foundation leak you ask? It is a leak that is in a pipe that is under your foundation. Good news? Its the worst type of leak you can have! After talking to the plumbers and Allen (my BIL), Kevin decided we were going to fix it ourselves...

This resulted in him taking out the sink and cabinet in the boys bathroom, cutting open the wall, finding the manifold, jack-hammering the foundation out, digging, eliminating possible lines that were leaking, and more digging. He was able to eliminate the tub line, which would have been the easiest to fix, and the kitchen line which would have been the hardest. He then found the supply line and cut it off. When we tested again for hte leak... it was still leaking. So good news, not under the house! Bad news, it was leaking where it came into the house and we didn't know where that was. So after spending the weekend digging and trying to find where the heck out water line was, we called in the Lead Detection PROS! They were able to locate our waterline for us and show what the problem was.

With this information, Kevin dug out another hole in our yard (#5), but it was in the flower bed and under a bush and fixed the leak. So now our water is fixed, mostly. The kitchen sink is having some pressure issues, but hey I'll take it! After almost a week without water I will take whatever I can get.

Perks of having water:

  • flush-able toilets
  • working washing machine
  • a dishwasher
  • working showers
  • ice/water from fridge
  • being able to wash my hands
I will forever be grateful for the benefits of running water and wonderful friends :)

Thanks to Whitney and Kara who so willingly helped our family with showers and delicious meals while our water was out of commission :)

October 09, 2011

Bloging in General...

I had this dream that I was going to blog all about my adventures of my last semesters of school and all about the boys starting school, and their birthday, and everything else exciting going on in our lives... but that hasnt happened. To be honest, I can't even tell you when I will be blogging again... but it will happen. Maybe over Christmas break? We will see. But someday, I will be back :)

September 16, 2011

Daycare Birthday Party

The boys started daycare when school started in August. Since I don't have classes on Friday's I usually do homework and observations at the local elementary school. Luckily, the boy's birthday fell on a Friday and Kevin and I were able to go to their school and take cupcakes to have a little party. The boys really like their teacher Ms. Kourtey.

Cooper diving into his cupcake

Aiden taking his first lick of his cupcake

Wild haired Cooper!

Aiden loves his hooded jackets

All of my boys <3